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About us

Angel Blue Music is an independent record label, music publishing and a production company formed by Raza. The mission behind ABM is to promote talent from around the world. The President of ABM, "Raza" knows and believes that music is a universal language, and no matter where we live, music speaks to our inner self (spiritual side).
As human beings we can be amused by any style of music if it reflects and tunes into our emotional and brain frequencies. ABM is proud to announce that it is a company that encourages all styles of music for people of all colors and national origins.

As a part of the on growing internet music business, it is our responsibility to bring excellent music to you, and it is your responsibility as a consumer and a music lover to encourage creative artists to thrive and write songs that make your day a better day.
ABM's mission is to deliver the best quality music to you. Music that would promote peace, harmony, love, fun, party; music that brings joy, fun, feelings; music that would touch us deep inside; the music we all can relate to.

Message from Angel Blue Music:
Piracy has affected the music industry and the artists, and it is our and the consumers' responsibility to buy and encourage others to buy original, legal music and not to make illegal copies or download pirated copies. By buying legal music you are helping music to grow and the artists to keep on making great music. Just think if someone stole your wallet or purse, how would you feel, and how would it affect you financially and emotionally. That's what happens when music is downloaded illegally; it's like stealing from the artist.

You are welcome to send your comments from the contact page.
And we sincerely hope that you like the music that we put out here for you all,
and that you will buy and encourage others to buy also.