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Our Mobile Studio will record your instruments or vocals at your comfort location. We have equipment to isolate the sound for recording. Once we are done recording we bring the track to our studio control room, and will mix and master the track for you. We cover most of Orange County, CA

Contact us to book your session. Ph: (248) 757 0553
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Ph: 248 757 0553
Covering Orange County, California

Raza in Studio

We mix all styles of mix and will deliver top 40 sound and classic acoustic sounds.

At Angel Blue Music Recording Studio we provide you with the best sound that your song deserves. Artists craft should not be compromised with sub standard recording mixing. At ABM Recording Studio we make sure that our clients get the best sound possible.

Our Studio is equipped with the latest digital hardware and software, from vintage sounds to the latest synth, sampled sounds, virtual synthesizers, accoustic sounds, multi track recording softwares, mastering equipment and softwares and many plugins and sounds effects.

Listen to the artists to get a better idea of our sound quality.

Hour rates includes recording and mixing.
Mastering is $45 for one song.

The studio is equipped with pro gear.

Echo Layla 3G 8 Track Digital
M-Audio Fast track Ultra 8 Track Digital
Midi Sport 4x4
16 Channel Mixer

Mackie HR864
Yamaha NS-10M

Sonar XP2
Multi track award winning softwares (unlimited digital tracks)
Pro Tools

Digital Pro Plugins and Processors:
UAD Processor Audio Effects
Teletronix LA-2A Compressor
Teletronix 1176 Compressor
Pultec EQP-1A Equilizer
Pultec Pro Equilizer
RealVerb Pro
CS-1 Channel Strip
Auto Tuner
Pitch Correction Software
GT-10 For Guitar Effects
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox
Ozone Mastering Suite
Waves Mastering Suite
Compressors and Limiters
VSTi Processors
DXi Processors

Rode NT1000, SM58 Shure, Roland

Synthesizers and Samplers:
Propellerhead Reason 7.5
Grand Piano VSTi
Triton Korg

Schector Electric Acoustic Guitar
Takemine Acoustic Guitar

M-Audio 88 key midi controller

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Contact :
Ph: 248 757 0553